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 Crestwood Guitars 

  40 Years of Success

Designed and Built By LPD Music Since 1972

Guitars That Put The Fun Back Into Playing 

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• Pearlized rosette • Adjustable steel truss rod • Deluxe diecast gold machine heads
• Ivory binding on body, neck and headstock • Highly polished nickel silver frets
• Compensating bridge (EQ Models) • Adjustable bridge (non-EQ Models)
The EQV-04

• 4 band EQ
• Presence
• Boost
• Volume controls
• Pop-up battery access
• Battery check LED

These guitars are ultra high quality for a great price , fast action , rich fat sound plays so smooth it pushes the quality of the higher priced guitars.

Crestwood electric guitars are the perfect guitar an experienced guitarist. These guitars are ultra high quality for a great price , fast action , rich fat sound plays so smooth it pushes the quality of the higher priced guitars.This is a tight guitar with surprisingly low action. This axe gives the higher priced guitars a run for their money.

Crestwood is a brand of guitar that appeals to all ages. They are cheap guitars, only as far as price. We have acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, electric guitar packages, and beginner acoustic guitars and beginner electric Guitars. The Crestwood line will make great Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary gifts for kids, teens and adults alike. These guitars are well-crafted durable guitars with a bright, rich tone.  

Crestwood Review By Tim Moudry:

Crestwood Guitars are designed and Imported to the United States By LPD Music out of Madison Heights, Michigan. LPD has contracted a luthier company in China to build the guitars to their specs. Crestwoods have been in production since the 1972, That is 40 years of production. The production line includes Acoustic Guitars, Electric guitars, A style Mandolins & F Style Mandolins, Banjos, Bass Guitars, also some Latin instruments Bajo Sexto and Bajo Requinto’s. They also have a line of childrens instruments called Darling Divas. The 36 inch Acoustic kit DDPKG02 (Steel String) and DDPKG03 (Nylon String) are for children up to about 8 years of age. The DDPKG12 is a 39 inch guitar and is geared for children 9-14.

Crestwood Guitars are those kind of guitars that every guitar player needs one. It plays very well but the price point is such that you don’t care that it gets beat-up. Keep your more expensive guitar put up. But have your crestwood sitting in the corner ready to play at any time.

My Philosophy about learning and playing guitar is….always keep a guitar out….If you have to pull you guitar out of the closet then open the case…pull it out find your picks…you tend to not play as often. But if it is out you always see it. Also you only have 5 min? it doesn’t matter pick it up play a few chords and go. In my opinion…Playing 5-10 min a day beats an hour a week any time.

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